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Get Ready for New Tartine, Nopalito, Burma Superstar Cookbooks

Spring brings so much cookbook bounty

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Chicken from Tartine All Day
Chicken from Tartine All Day
Paige Green

Spring is about to ... spring... and with it comes the glorious return of asparagus, artichokes, fava beans, radishes, and so, so much more. To cook all that bounty, cookbook release season is also upon us, and San Francisco has some gems on the docket. Tartine, Nopalito, Burma Superstar, and chef Jeremiah Tower are all coming out with books of their very own. Here’s what to anticipate, via’s Daniela Galarza.

Tartine All Day

Elisabeth Prueitt, Jessica Washburn, and Maria Zizka
Lorena Jones Books, April 2017

You know Elisabeth Prueitt for her devastatingly delicious pastries at Tartine and Tartine Manufactory, and she’s pushing out her second cookbook, written with Jessica Washburn and Maria Zizka, on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Forty-six of the 200 recipes are gluten-free (Prueitt is gluten-intolerant), so get ready for inclusive carbs like roasted chicken, salad dressings, savory bread puddings, potato gratin, and a bean salad with preserved lemon and herbs.

Nopalito: A Mexican Kitchen

Gonzalo Guzmán, Stacy Adimando
Ten Speed Press, April 2017

Essential Mexican restaurant Nopalito is translating its sustainable Californian Mexican fare to recipe form, sharing with everyone how to make everything from red quesadillas with braised pork to tamales with red sunflower seed mole, plus agua frescas, cocktails, and desserts like churros and flan. Written with Stacy Adimando, the cookbook also touches on Gonzalo Guzmán’s experience becoming an immigrant chef in America.

Burma Superstar: Addictive Recipes from the Crossroads of Southeast Asia

Desmond Tan, Kate Leahy
Tenn Speed Press, March 2017

Burma Superstar, the perpetually packed Inner Richmond restaurant, is known equally for its flavorful Burmese dishes, and the long waits that accumulate each night. Now fans of the Southeast Asian cuisine will have the opportunity to skip the line and make some of their favorites at home, with recipes from the restaurant’s new book. Restaurant owner Desmond Tan and writer Kate Leahy have compiled a selection of some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, from curries to samusas (and the ever popular tea leaf salad), as well as the story of Tan’s immigration to the United States from Burma (now Myanmar) as a child in the late 70s, and eventual purchase of Burma Superstar from the Wu family in 2002. — Ellen Fort

Start the Fire: How I Began a Food Revolution in America

Jeremiah Tower
Anthony Bourdain/Ecco, April 2017

Legendary San Francisco chef Jeremiah Tower — he rose to fame at Chez Panisse and then the now-shuttered Stars — is the subject of an imminent Anthony Bourdain-produced documentary titled Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent. Concurrently, Bourdain’s Ecco imprint is reissuing Tower’s 2003 memoir California Dish: What I Saw (and Cooked) at the American Culinary Revolution with a new title and new introduction.

Burma Superstar Restaurant

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3723 A Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, QC H2X 2V7 (514) 336-1349 Visit Website

Tartine Manufactory

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