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Oprah Blows Up Model Bakery and More A.M. Intel

Four things to know today

Premiere Of OWN's 'Queen Sugar' - Arrivals Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

Oprah’s “biggest luxury” is flying in English muffins from Model Bakery

To know Model Bakery’s English muffins are to love them, and fabulously wealthy and successful media maven Oprah Winfrey is no exception, apparently. In a recent interview with People, Winfrey said “My greatest extravagance is flying in English muffins from Napa Valley. There's a specific English muffin made by these two women at this wonderful bakery in Napa Valley. I know it's not a good carbon footprint to fly in your English muffins but..." She also gave a shoutout to the preserves from Clif Family Winery. So, yeah, Oprah loves English muffins, and counts them as one of her “greatest extravagances,” next to her hand-carved onyx bathtub.

Alice Waters is supporting a lawsuit against Donald Trump

A joint lawsuit has been filed by the Center for Responsible Ethics and the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) against Donald Trump, claiming that Trump is violating the constitution by refusing to give up ownership of his businesses. Many of his businesses contain restaurants, which the suit alleges that foreign dignitaries will frequent to “curry favor with the administration,” leaving other restaurants out in the cold. Alice Waters is supporting the mission of the ROC, alongside NYC restaurateurs like Danny Meyers.

Coin-Op Game Room is adding a “secret” late night menu

Starting this Thursday, hungry gamers and tech bros can feast upon a late night menu from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. every night. The menu includes decadent drinking foods like a puffy pork belly taco, frito pie with smoked brisket chili, and a chicken-fried oyster sandwich. It’s a notable addition, given SF’s dearth of good late night eating, particularly in that stretch of SoMa.

UberEATS adds updates to streamline ordering, teach the machines your inner thoughts

The Uber-powered on demand food service UberEATS has added some upgrades to their app, in an effort to streamline their service. Now it includes tailored recommendations, using “machine learning to help surface recommendations like your go-tos,” based on what you’ve ordered in the past, when, and where to. There are also new features like better filtering, and real-time order tracking, but we’re more interested in the fact that the machines are learning our ways.

Coin-Op Game Room

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