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Two Locations of Big Fish Little Fish Poke Are Swimming Into SF

Will San Francisco ever reach peak poke? 

Big Fish Little Fish/Facebook

While San Francisco citizens continue to feast ravenously on bowls of raw fish like zombies craving brains, new poke places will continue to pop-up, including a new Rincon Center spot called Big Fish Little Fish. Signs went up over the weekend at the location (121 Spear St.), which is situated in the same plaza as quinoa automat Eatsa, and Organic Coup, the organic fried chicken place.

Big Fish Little Fish

The burgeoning chain currently has only one other location (South of Los Angeles in Alisa Viejo) but plenty of plans for expansion. That includes two upcoming locations in San Francisco: Rincon Center, and Westfield Centre.

The menu is focused on signature bowls with sassy names like “Shake Dat Tail,” composed of yellow tail, sweet onion, hijiki seaweed, orange, cilantro, jalapeno, masago, lotus root chips, and ponzu sauce. Also on the menu are “pokerritos,” which appear to be large hand rolls; rogue poke lovers can create their own bowls from an array of toppings, rices, sauces, and proteins. For dessert, there’s shaved ice in combos like “Juicy Fruit,” made with mango ice, passionfruit, and coconut flake.

Future location of Big Fish Little Fish
Sean W.

Given the fast casual nature of poke, and the throngs of hungry salad-burnouts who work in the immediate area, this is likely to give eatsa and Mixt a run for their money. Eater has reached out for more information on timeline, but given the state of the space (totally empty), it looks like there’s time to build up an appetite in the next few months. Stay tuned for more.