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Dominique Crenn’s Perfect Response to a Dumb Sexist Question, and More A.M. Intel

Five things to know

Dominique Crenn
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Dominique Crenn doesn’t have time for your sexist nonsense

Dominique Crenn, chef of two-Michelin-starred Atelier Crenn and Petit Crenn, is in Australia for the announcement of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. The chef, who recently made the runners up list, coming in at #83 on the 51-100 portion of the list, was speaking on a panel when some fellow in the audience took the opportunity to ask Crenn if she felt like she missed out on “the very important role of being a mother to children.” Crenn crushed him by dropping the knowledge that she does have children (twin girls!), while pointing out that the only person on the panel asked about family life was a woman. Crenn’s finishing move was telling the man: "If you have kids, I hope you stay home with them, so that your wife can go out and be a bad-ass woman." Boom.

Speaking of, here’s more gross sexist stuff

Vice Munchies published an article in a bid to enrage the internet, giving some male chefs in the Netherlands the opportunity to talk about “the absence of boobs in the workplace.” You see where this is headed, right? Hypotheses about why there are fewer women in kitchens ranged from “Good female cooks often quit their work because the boyfriend, for example, finds it hard to be in second place; his girl is often away from home and that means he has to cook his own food,” to “Women just want to be home in the evening and care for the children, rather than sweat in a kitchen." Our watchdog Dominique Crenn did not care for this, either.

Daniel Patterson opens up about life in the fast food lane

Since it was announced, Locol has been a hot topic for many reasons, including the unlikely pairing of chefs Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi, the restaurant’s mission to revolutionize fast food, and a crushing zero star review from The New York Times. In an interview for California Sunday, Patterson talks about the fact that Locol is losing money, and why he’s stepped back from the spotlight. Get the full story here.

You can now drunkenly slide down a huge inflatable slide on Treasure Island

Woods Island Club has added a huge inflatable slide in the shape of a tsunami to their outdoor beer garden on Treasure Island. The slide is 32 feet tall with three lanes for racing. Adults and supervised kids are all welcome to ride every Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m.- 5 p.m.

Woods Island Club’s new slide
Woods Island Club

Sunday Bird adds some new “yum yums” to the menu

Sunday Bird, the pop-up in the back of Boba Guys Fillmore, has expanded its menu with snack-sized portions of dishes like kimchi fried rice, corn cheese, uni chawanmuchi, as well as fried chicken sandwiches and more. The downside is that the whole portions of fried birds will only be available on Friday and Saturday, so plan ahead.

Sunday Bird

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