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McDonald’s Wants to Track Your Whereabouts and More A.M. Intel

Four things to know today

McDonald’s app

McDonald’s attempts to stay relevant with new technology

McDonald’s, which has noticed a downward trend in sales, is making its move to join the modern world, starting with locations in the Bay Area. The burger behemoth is adding mobile ordering, delivery, and incorporating "field-to-restaurant" sensibility, according to SFGate. The Mickey D’s at 234 North Front St. is one of the first guinea pigs, now open with an interior revamp with “wood detailing” and most alarming, an “open kitchen” that allows customers to watch food preparation (not something one usually wants to see in a fast food kitchen). A new app will allow customers to order and pay ahead from a smart phone— the app will use “geofencing” to track your distance to the restaurant and alert workers to prepare it when you’re nearby (a feature used by others like on-demand valet app Luxe).

However, the real news is that the chain will start to think harder about the food its serving, eventually sourcing cage-free eggs, chicken that’s not shot up with human antibiotics, and fresh, not frozen, beef. Will customers buy in to McDonald’s technological advances, or will they still not want to eat their crappy food? Stay tuned.

Duende chef is launching a lunch pop-up

Chef Paul Canales, the chef/owner of Oakland’s Spanish restaurant Duende, is now offering a special lunch situation based around cured meat sandwiches called Kured. It’s going down in Duende’s bodega (468 19th Street, Oakland), serving sandwiches made with housemade sausages like merguez and boudin blanc, a crispy chicken sandwich, and more. Fort Point beers, and wines from SF winery Tank18 will be available, plus non-alcoholic beverages. It’s counter-service or to-go only, available Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Oakland sanctuary restaurant vandalized

Piedmont’s Ba-Bite was vandalized last week, according to its owners, who arrived at work in the morning to find “sludge” resembling human feces smeared over the location of signs inside the window. The signs were proclaiming the restaurant’s status as a Sanctuary restaurant, and support of immigrants. The owners will not take the signs down, and have seen a huge outpouring of community support since the incident. There are no leads on the culprit.

A new restaurant will replace South at SF Jazz Center

SF Jazz is trying again, following the closure of Charles Phan’s South restaurant last month. It’s channeling the jazz scene with a new spot called B-side, serving uncomplicated cocktails and a small plate menu of items like fried chicken sandwiches, with a wall of records that guests can play.


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