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Skip the Bread Line at Wise Sons Deli and More A.M. Intel

Five things to know today

Poppy seed bagels from Wise Sons Bagelry courtesy of Wise Sons

Now buy your favorite Jewish baked goods at Whole foods

As of this morning, the mensches from Wise Sons are selling their rye bread, bagels, challah, and babka at select Whole Foods markets in San Francisco (specifically Ocean Avenue, Franklin Street, Potrero Hill and Noe Valley). You’ll find them in the bakery department.

There’s a new food pyramid in Berkeley

A collective campus of food producers is headed to West Berkeley this fall, taking over the dormant industrial space left behind when Seattle-based Pyramid Brewing closed its alehouse there two years ago. Tenants will include Oakland-based coffee giant Blue Bottle — they specifically plan to can their cold brew onsite — plus smaller operations like Starter Bakery and non-dairy “cheese” startup Ripple Foods.

How the sausage gets made (or doesn’t)

When a butcher shop invokes the food industry’s “razor thin margins,” you know they’re not mincing words. After a decade feeding Bernal Heights on sustainably-sourced, humanely-raised meats, Avedano’s is crowdfunding for the future. You can also support the business by taking a butcher class, signing up for a meat CSA for yourself and your dog (so SF), or just by grabbing an Avedano’s sandwich and a t-shirt to rep their queer-owned business. “We put the Butch in Butcher” says one shirt, while another declares “I like pig butts and I cannot lie.”

Freshly baked goods in the Mission

Judy Kahn, an alum of Bernal Height’s Sandbox Bakery, has opened her brick-and-mortar bakery Kahnfections after years schlepping baked goods to tech companies as a delivery business. Her scones, cookies, croissants, and tarts can now be found on 20th between Shotwell and Folsom.

Free cone day PSA

Breaking news: It’s free cone day at Häagen-Dazs locations across the Bay Area. Head in to their, Livermore, Pleasanton, Santa Clara, and Santa Rosa shops from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. to claim your scoops. You’ll be doing yourself, and honey bees, a favor, as this year’s free cone day highlights crops dependent on the health of bee populations. Sadly, Häagen-Dazs in San Francisco Centre is not participating: It’s currently remodeling.