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Ramen Shop Finally Delivers Ramen and More A.M. Intel

Five things to know today

Neil Roche/Ramen Shop

Ramen Shop is finally doing ramen to go

It’s what fans of the popular Rockridge restaurant have been pining for all along: the option to take ramen home with them (or better, have it delivered). It’s a little different than takeout though, in that it’s a meal kit, with uncooked noodles. “I think the difference between us cooking the noodles, and you cooking them at home is such a huge difference” co-owner Sam White told Eater. “So, we’re trusting people to cook the noodles. Everybody knows how to boil water.” The kit is available through Caviar andwill come with uncooked noodles, broth, all the toppings that are in season, and detailed instructions. Two ramens are available: veggie, and duck shoyu. This also means that the donburi sets previously occupying a large section of the menu will disappear, though there are a few new additions like chicken wings, and a little gem salad.

Blue Bottle’s new Oakland cafe is open

A new cafe and training facility has opened in Blue Bottle’s Oakland headquarters. Liege waffles, toasts and snacks will be available here with all the typical coffee offerings. It’s in the Henry House, a historic downtown building, which also houses a new training lab for BB baristas. Coffee drinkers can chill on the patio and watch as fledgling coffee folks learn how to make drinks. 480 9th St., Oakland

Sababa’s second location is now open in the FiDi with a fancy new pita machine

The quick service pita operation from Guy Eshel and Matt Semmelhack is now open around the corner from the first location on Bush. It’s got the same excellent menu of Israeli-style hummus, falafel, sabich (roasted eggplant), and shawarma, with a slightly bigger space and outdoor seating. 554 Commercial St., SF

Dosa is joining the bustling uptown Oakland restaurant scene

News that Brown Sugar Kitchen and Bocanova would open in the former location of Ozumo and Pícan have already energized the dining scene in uptown Oakland. Now Dosa, the popular South Indian restaurant with two locations in SF, will join the opening parade. It’s slated to open by fall, directly across from The Hive, which is home to Drake’s Dealership, Calavera, and Firebrand Bakery. 2310 Broadway, Oakland

The Bay Area has some of the country’s best wine lists, obviously

Unsurprisingly, Wine Enthusiast magazine has included a hefty number of restaurants in and around San Francisco on its 100 best wine restaurant list. This year’s honorees include Coi, Atelier Crenn, The Charter Oak, The Morris, and more. Check out the full list here.