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An Asian-Inspired Night Market and Grocery is Headed to Polk Gulch

It hopes to stay open til 4 a.m.

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Talbco Development

A developer has designs to revive the empty Big Apple Grocery space at the corner of Polk and Clay as The Bazaar, a grocery store and food vendor hub with late-night hours. Jason Talbot of Talbco Development is picking up abandoned plans for 1650 Polk initially floated by the Market, the grocery store and vendor stall complex located in the Twitter building. The Market intended to replace Big Apple with a second Market approved by the Planning Department in 2015, but those plans were scrapped a year later. Now, Talbot has secured the space for the Bazaar with plans to remodel it in the fall and open to customers early next year.

Designs for the Bazaar include stalls for eight vendors — Talbot alludes to “some familiar faces, some up-and-comers,” though he wouldn’t divulge names. There’s also room for a bar (he’ll apply for a liquor license) and a downstairs space, perhaps to house a restaurant. The big headline for the Polk Street bar crowd: The Bazaar aims to add Asian night market inspired dining with hours until 4 a.m. Until then, Bob’s Donuts will do.

Kevin Y. via Yelp