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‘Somooliers’ Lead Hayes Valley Milk Pop-Up and More A.M. Intel

Four things to know today

Clover Sonoma via Facebook

Clover elevates dairy with a milk tasting room

As old fashioned cow’s milk loses coolness points to almond/oat/whatever milk, Clover is getting “hip” with pop-up milk tastings in Hayes Valley. Lactose connoisseurs have been swilling milk this month and will continue Monday-Wednesday-Friday through July: The next pouring is tonight with churros and egg cream pairings. At least as fresh as the milk is the name of the brand serving it — Clover Stornetta Farms took the new name Clover Sonoma in February, helping the Bay Area’s largest dairy supplier reach Southern California customers. And since Sonoma evokes wine country, maybe we’re all encouraged to drink Clover in stemware.

Old Bus Tavern baffled by mysterious diner-dasher

Staff at Mission/Bernal brewpub Old Bus Tavern are scratching their heads after a customer skipped out on his bill, leaving behind a manilla folder and notes he was taking on a legal pad. The diner ordered a beer, Fernet, and two dishes. After he finished his food and drinks he ordered another beer and Fernet. According to co-owner Jimmy Simpson, “He drank half of each and then let our bartender Rachel know that he was going outside to grab a friend but would be right back.” The scam? “He made a point of letting her know that he was going to leave his stuff at the bar to make her feel comfortable with him stepping out. After about an hour I moved his ‘stuff’ to the kitchen. I looked at the legal pad and it was nonsense. I opened his manilla folder and all it had in it was a flyer for an open house in the neighborhood.” Eater asked Simpson for a photo of the scrawl, in case the pages could identify the culprit, but Simpson says he tore them out and threw them away — so he could use his legal pad.

Dirty Habit debuts champagne brunch party

Dirty Habit’s hideout on the fifth floor of the Hotel Zelos has a new brunch party that’s likely going to recur monthly. The first is on Sunday, July 16, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the bottomless champagne and breakfast bar on the heated outdoor patio is $69 per person. To create a festive atmosphere, DJ JAKEY will spin all your favorite brunch jams.

Adam Feibelman

Lord George’s “summer road trip” cocktail menu

Andrew Calisterio (Whitechapel, House Spirits Distillery) has a new summery cocktail menu for SoMa’s Lord George, where he’s the latest seasonally rotating “maverick” bartender. The theme is an American road trip, and if you drink all 11 cocktails, you win a free trip to Hawaii*

*that’s one “Trip To Hawaii” cocktail on the house. On your way, try not to get lost in San Francisco: The Haight Street fog cutter, served with a rosemary “joint,” could send you on a serious detour.

Alison Webber