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Blue Bottle Adding 12 East Coast Locations

Including a World Trade Center spot

A sign for Blue Bottle in Oakland Blue Bottle via Facebook

A dozen new Blue Bottle Coffee locations are headed to the East Coast, fueled by a new, $6 million Brooklyn roastery. The announced expansion is more evidence of Blue Bottle’s plans for third-wave coffee world domination, although the venture capital-backed brand is less welcome in its own backyard than ever before.

In NYC, six new Blue Bottle locations will open from the World Trade Center to Williamsburg. Six more will open from Miami to Boston. Meanwhile, a San Francisco Blue Bottle location in the Lower Haight was recently rebuffed because of the chain’s size, although a Pacific Heights location opened to the public this week — the chain’s 35th overall.

Blue Bottle Coffee

1355 Market St Ste 190, San Francisco, CA 94103 (510) 653-3394