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Young Fava to Burst Onto the Delivery Scene Next Week, Caviar and Foie Gras in Tow

They’ll even provide the flowers for your table

Caviar service
Eric Wolfinger

Young Fava, the delivery only “restaurant” from chef Anthony Strong (Locanda), is launching its wares next Friday, June 16 via UberEats. The chef is starting out with a menu of what he calls “New American Classics,” all of which are designed to hold up to delivery conditions, and challenge the norms of what people can have delivered to their homes.

The food is intended to mirror the quality of what one might find in a mid-priced SF restaurant, but tailored for home. At launch, the menu is divided up into some fun and funky categories, like “Dance Party,” which includes foie gras torchon served with Josey Baker bread, and caviar service with brown butter crepes, tamago, and potato chips. The whole idea, says Strong, is to keep things exciting within the parameters of delivery, something those experiencing delivery fatigue (pizza, again?) can certainly understand.

That will also include a prix fixe for two in the future, once the delivery service is established. The menu will change weekly, with price varying based on the dishes, and includes an entree, two sides, a couple starters, and dessert— everything for a full dinner. Diners can even order a bouquet of wildflowers for the table.

And for those wondering about the name (which the chef admits does sound like an awesome rap crew), here’s the explanation: Young Fava is a nickname given to Strong by his cooks at Pizzeria Delfina a decade ago, after receiving some particularly cute and tiny fava beans from Mariquita Farm. They were so small and tender that, contrary to conventional fava prep (blanching, shucking, peeling), he decided to batter and fry them whole in their pods; though guests were puzzled at first, it became wildly popular and the restaurant began to request young favas from the farm.

“That experience perfectly sums up the two things that excite me most as a chef,” said Strong. “Approaching the familiar in new ways, and making magic happen within constraints.”

Check out the full menu below, as well as a trailer by Eric Wolfinger, and featuring music from Dan the Automator. Young Fava will be available exclusively via UberEats for the first week or so, followed by the addition of Caviar, Postmates, and Doordash. (No word on whether it will be delivered by robots.)