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Gott’s Roadside Lands at SFO on Tuesday and More A.M. Intel

Four things to know today

Gott’s via Gott’s

Gott’s Roadside opens tomorrow at the airport

NorCal burger chain Gott’s Roadside is opening its first tarmac-side spot tomorrow, Tuesday July 18, at SFO’s International Terminal A. The location will have extended, airport-friendly hours and breakfast items for morning fliers. Keep it in mind alongside this list of pre-flight spots for a bite. Next up on the Gott’s expansion radar: Greenbrae’s Bon Air Center and downtown Walnut Creek.

Cotogna adds new executive chef from NYC’s Piora

Cotogna owners Michael and Lindsay Tusk have hired new chef Christopher Cipollone to helm their more casual, next-door sibling to Quince, which opened in 2010. Cipollone, previously the chef-partner at Piora, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village, grew up in the Hudson River Valley of New York. Now he’s trading that region’s produce for bounty from Freshrun Farm, Cotogna’s farm partner in Bolinas.

Eater’s “Name of Groans” seeks the worst restaurant name in America

Restaurants with punny names, restaurants with bad names, and restaurants with bad, punny names are going toe-to-toe in Eater’s Name of Groans bracket, a search for the worst restaurant name in America. This week: Is Fonduely Yours a better or worse name than Baguetteaboudit!, and which is the more regrettable moniker, Tholonious Monkfish, or Ciao Time? Play along, if you can stomach it.

The Chronicle’s tips for tipping

The arbiters of etiquette at the San Francisco Chronicle have collaborated to offer a guide to tipping in every situation in our evolving dining scene. What to tip on delivery? Fast-casual counter-service? Sit-down dinner? The standard is pretty much 20 percent across the board, they write. But they do recommend that customers tip on the subtotal rather than the grand total, which includes tax and SF Mandate.