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Psssst: The New Doc’s Clock Has Quietly Opened

It’s Cocktail Time... again

Caleb Pershan

Without (as yet) any fanfare, Doc’s Clock has reopened in its new home at 2417 Mission Street. A newly painted sign there declares it once again“Cocktail Time” at all hours of day. That sign is a recreation of the original neon version, which is stuck in limbo at Doc’s old digs, 2575 Mission Street, the subject of a custody battle between Doc’s prior landlord, Leticia Luna, who didn’t renew Doc’s lease, and Carey Suckow, Doc’s owner.

The sign might also symbolize the move in general. The new bar isn’t exactly like the old one, it’s a recreation, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. “We are staying upbeat about this whole move,” Suckow said in May. “Change can be very positive.”

Caleb Pershan

For now, Suckow and staff have been mum about the reopening on social media to avoid big crowds. But drinkers nevertheless stumbled in last night and were treated to beer and cocktails. Doc’s closed at its previous digs on June 3 and had hoped to open its new location shortly thereafter, but the process of rebuilding itself in a space that was essentially an empty box took a little longer than expected.

Don’t everybody go at once, and no guarantees on new hours. A bartender joked that she was just “practicing” at the new bar, with drinkers getting out that new bar smell. Practice makes perfect: She did say they’d keep it up tonight.

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