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Action Bronson, Big Freedia Headline Outside Lands’ GastroMagic Stage

Twerk for beignets once more

Paige Parsons

Testing out the adage that chefs are the new rock stars is the GastroMagic stage at Outside Lands, a sassy lineup of chefs and musicians brought together for onstage mashups that’s now in its fourth year (get tickets here). And as one of the country’s best festivals for food (whatever, Coachella), there’s a contingent of high-profile chefs in store, including Chris Cosentino (Cockscomb), Roy Choi (Locol, Kogi), Stuart Brioza (State Bird Provisions), Jennifer Puccio (Park Tavern, Marlowe), and more.

Most importantly, Brenda’s Soul Food will team up once more for “Bouncin’ for Beignets” with Big Freedia, the New Orleans bounce performer. It’s easily one of Outside Lands’ most fun moments every year since the inception of the GastoMagic stage, as audience members jump onstage to twerk with the dance crew as Brenda Buenviaje of Brenda’s shakes powdered sugar onto beignets.

An Annotated Guide To Eating Well With Action Bronson

People like Action Bronson, the chef-turned-rapper and star of the VICE television series F**K, That’s Delicious, are exactly what the Gastro Magic stage was made for. Expect Bronson to share wisdom from his upcoming cookbook and, inevitably, to spit bars.

Bouncin’ For Beignets With Big Freedia & Brenda’s Soul Food

Big Freedia, the "Queen of Bounce," returns to the stage with Brenda's Soul Food for their 4th annual New Orleans-inspired show. It’s a twerk for your supper situation, naturally.

Big Day With Big Night: Chef Jennifer Puccio + Anna Weinberg And A Special Guest

Jennifer Puccio and Outside Land's own culinary curator Anna Weinberg have a surprise special guest — who could it be? With the array of music talent at Outside Lands, it could honestly be anyone, and this TBD/A format will give them a little wiggle room.

Roy Choi & Special Guest

Similarly, Los Angeles ride-or-die celebrity chef Roy Choi might drag one of his many musician pals onstage — or his Locol business partner Daniel Patterson, though that more softly spoken chef might be more at home in the kitchen.

No Ham N’ Eggs With A Tribe Called Quest's Jarobi White, Chris Cosentino And Jazz Mafia

MC Jarobi White, an OG Tribe Called Quest member, has some secret chef chops to show off, and he’s chosen to reveal them with offal evangelist Chris Cosentino, no less.

Pizza Party With Chef Chris Bianco and the Band Joseph

Chris Bianco tosses pies with the Closner sisters, aka the band Joseph. Expect them to serenade.

The 420 Show With Matt Besser & Humphry Slocombe Delivered By Caviar

Humphry Slocombe serves a limited edition (pot?) flavor (not likely) while local comic Matt Besser performs his “stoned spectacle 420 show,” which sounds like it might be as fun for him as the audience.

Breakdown Breakdance With Belcampo And Beatz N' Pieces

SF dance crew Beatz n Piece break down the beat as.... wait for it... Bay Area butchers Belcampo break down meat. An unfortunate metaphor that sounds fun anyway.

K.Flay-A-Dilla With K.Flay And Tacolicious

Tacolicious toasts alt-pop/hip-hop artist K.Flay with “a limited edition mouthwatering cheese paradise,” and whatever that is, it sounds good.

How To Make Your Yacht Rock... With Mustache Harbor And Woodhouse Fish Co.

Soft rock classics cover band Mustache Harbor plays as local seafood restaurant Woodhouse Fish Co. cooks. See what they did there?

Shaken Or Stirred With Jay Larson, And Pch, Trou Normand And More

In this comedy club with Jay Larson, there’s no two drink minimum, but most would be okay with one given the bartending talent involved.

Let Them Eat Chocolate Cake Featuring Boyfriend & Guittard Chocolate

This one’s a celebration of New Orleans artist Boyfriend and her song “Marie Antoinette” featuring the famous line "Let Them Eat Cake!" Guittard Chocolate will make that cake.

Flapjack Freakout With Chef Stuart Brioza

Stuart Brioza (State Bird, The Progress) makes pancakes! He might do this every weekend at home, for all we know, but onstage at Outside Lands, it’s another story.

Cafeteria Line With Richie Nakano And D.J. Williams’ Shots Fired

Guitarist D.J. Williams (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe) and his band play soul classics while onlookers are encouraged to dance through the “cafeteria” line, receiving bites from seasoned SF chef and Twitter account haver Richie Nakano.

Caleb Pershan contributed to this post.


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