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Ladies in Hats Getting High and More A.M. Intel

Plus a Montclair wine bar is opening, and vegan vegetables are a thing


A restaurant from SF restaurant alums is opening in Montclair this week

Perle, a wine bar and restaurant from Rob Lam (Butterfly) and Marcus Garcia (Fleur de Lys), is opening in the quaint village of Montclair this week. The restaurant will have a large wine component, with 300 to 350 bottles and a menu of French and Mediterranean cuisine. It’s going in the former Pour Wine Bar & Bistro space (2058 Mountain Blvd.). The upscale neighborhood is pretty sleepy, but a place to drink a “a ton of Burgundy and Bordeaux” will certainly do well.

Welcome to the tea party for well-to-do ladies who want to get high

Kikoko, an East Bay company whose specialty is a line of cannabis teas, is targeting “well-heeled” ladies who have an interest in getting stoned. At a recent direct sales party in Menlo Park, women in hats and garden party attire snacked on smoked salmon tea sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, fresh strawberries, and teas laced with THC. The tea blends include Sensuali-Tea, a blend of hibiscus, rose petal, orange peel, lavender, cardamom, cloves, licorice root, and seven milligrams of THC, which is intended to boost women’s sex drives (and from the article, it sounds like they work). The teas are available at SF’s Apothecarium, and delivery services like Harvest, and True Healing Collective. And though the garden party theme sounds a bit cliche, the two women who founded Kikoko have a serious do-gooding mission; check it out here.

The Castro is (maybe) getting a boutique hotel and 1,800 square-foot restaurant

Bite Me Sandwiches (4230 18th Street) is going to bite the dust, apparently, as plans to raze it have been submitted. Instead, a four-story hotel designed by Cass Calder Smith Architecture has been proposed for the property, with 12 hotel rooms on three floors, and an 1,800 square-foot restaurant on the ground floor. There’s also talk of a roof deck, which presumably would get a great view of the Mission and probably a lot of fog.

Why is everybody the worst?

A bartender was sent to the hospital on Friday after a patron, who police say was a man in his mid-20s, threw a beer bottle at her head. The man apparently did not like his drink, and instead of you know, saying that, took the bottle-tossing route. He fled on foot and remains at large.

The Grove is now open in SF’s Design District, and it’s got a patio

The local cafe chain’s newest location is now open at 1 Henry Adams St., in the bottom of the fancy new Henry Adams apartment building. It has an outdoor patio upon which to consume breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Verve coffee, wine, and beer. The menu mirrors other locations of the cafe, with salads, sandwiches, and snacks to appease the hungry tech workers, and condo dwellers above.

Aren’t all vegetables vegan? Apparently not.

There’s a new farm in town (well, in Salinas), and it’s farming veganically. Lazy Millennial Farms is eschewing the use of fertilizers using animal products, fish emulsions, and blood/bone meal in its practices, making it the only known vegan farm in the area. It’s a small movement, but it’s gaining momentum around the country. For those interested in vegan vegetables, Lazy Millennial has a CSA option with drop points throughout the Bay Area.