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Michael Chiarello Wants to Take You Back to the Good Old Days

The chef's steakhouse dinner theater will channel "Rat Pack" Hollywood


Remember the days of “Old Hollywood?” When women were women, and men were men? And people were cool with a whole lot of questionable behavior? Michael Chiarello does, and he wants you to join him at his Teatro Bistecca for a fancy, glamorous throwback. Come in your smoking jacket, fellas. Wear something slinky, ladies.

It’s a “1950s Tuscan steakhouse-style” dinner party with a “Rat Pack Hollywood” theme, and it’s all going down at Chiarello’s Ottimo, which opened very quietly in March. (It is part of the food emporium replacing the NapaStyle retail concept.) In fact, things have been very quiet in Chiarello-world, following a 2016 lawsuit alleging sexual harassment (which has been settled) and wage theft, and a DUI and drug possession charge.

Now though, it’s time for a soiree. The ticketed dinner takes place on one day only (July 15), and it’s unclear if the event will become a regular thing. For now, guests of the sold-out dinner will be treated to “an 18 karat evening of glamour, merriment, and food with a meal that's got some real meat-starring Bistecca alla Fiorentina (traditional Tuscan-style steak) and all the accompanying sumptuousness.” The evening is $125 per person, plus optional wine pairing for $75.

Here’s the description on Tock’s ticketing page:

“Step back into classic-cool, Rat Pack Hollywood, beginning with apertivi and stuzzichino on the terrazzo. Dinner then continues in decadent fashion in the dramatically transformed Teatro Bistecca featuring a flourish of expert, tuxedoed servers, five courses prepared table side of uniquely Italian deliciousness, and your choice of opulent wines and pairings. We're talking a dinner you will really dig-- and a night you will never forget.

Dress for a swinging event-- tux and gown, tails and pearls, bring along your fedora and your feather boa, too! Immerse yourself in Teatro Bistecca.

Chiarello & Team are breaking open the 4th wall of this dinner theater, bringing you into the show as a cast member.”

Be careful what you wish for, but if that’s a night of old school debauchery, then get on the waiting list.