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Tokyo’s Wagyumafia Brings Criminally Expensive $180 Sandwich to San Francisco

There’s also a thriftier $45 option


Tokyo beef cutlet sandwich restaurant Wagyumafia plans to open a San Francisco outpost in the first quarter of next year, and true to its name, the restaurant will serve its signature wagyu beef between slices of white bread at the nearly criminal price of $180.

The location for Wagyumafia will be the new Design District luxury residential building One Henry Adams. It’s where San Francisco restaurateur Kash Feng (Omakase, Dumpling Time) plans to open a series of food ventures including a noodle restaurant, a Japanese butcher shop, and a steakhouse and whiskey bar. It’s also home to a new location of the local chain The Grove.

A famous cutlet sandwich #littlebungintokyo #wagyumafia

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Wagyumafia’s $180 sandwich is made with the prized Japanese beef, which is breaded, fried, and served on toasted white bread with soy and vinegar sauce. In Tokyo, the business also serves a $45 Zabuton sandwich, made with a lesser cut of beef, for those watching their budget.

No surprise here, but owners Hisato Hamada and Takafumi Horie appear to be big spenders themselves. Last year, they paid $50,000 for a single 1,510-pound cow, the highest price in history.