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Museum Of Ice Cream Coming to SF in September [Updated]

The pop-up exhibition is headed this way

Katie Gibbs

The Museum of Ice Cream, a pop-up exhibition that’s caused a commotion in New York and now LA, is targeting San Francisco for its next stop. Job listings have been posted on Indeed for SF Museum of Ice Cream staff, and a San Francisco tab has appeared on the museum’s website. So far that tab holds no info, but representatives have confirmed the museum is headed to 1 Grant Avenue in Union Square in September with tickets to be sold in August.

Update 6:50 p.m.: In a press release, Museum of Ice Cream representatives reveal that the San Francisco installation in San Francisco will differ in significant ways from its New York and Los Angeles incarnations, featuring “entirely new... immersive installations, smells and flavors never seen before.” Creative director Maryellis Bunn will take advantage of the historic space, which is more than 100 years old, “showcasing the 45 foot high vaulted ceilings above the famous Sprinkle Pool.”

The Museum of Ice Cream is not a museum in the traditional sense, and a cultural experience on par with the Louvre this is not. Far from banning photography as so many museums do, Instagram photos in its pool filled with sprinkles are more than encouraged — they’re socially required.

Nevertheless, Craigslist scalpers in New York have offered tickets to the sold-out run of the show for $100 a piece. Eater has reached out to the MOIC — to use an acronym that might generously place the institution in the company of MOMA and LACMA — and will keep up with the relevant details.

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