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Mixt Opening First Non-Downtown Locations

Cow Hollow first, the Mission next


Mixt, a destination for large salads with locations clustered around the Financial District, is getting into more neighborhoods with a Cow Hollow location to open this fall and a Mission District location this Spring. The lunch-focused empire, née Mixt Greens, is also adding more meals to its repertoire, emphasizing dinner options and new desserts that could be more appropriate to residential areas where lunch crowds are smaller.

The location for Mixt Cow Hollow is 3130 Fillmore Street (between Greenwich and Filbert) and like the chain’s Yerba Buena branch, this location will be open for lunch and dinner every day. In the evenings, it will emphasize its Market Plates, which include a choice of “grilled and herb roasted” meat (steak, chicken, or fish) with sauces and two sides.

A location for the Mission’s Mixt hasn’t been publicly announced, but when it arrives, it will mark the growing chain’s 9th location in San Francisco. With two more branches in Los Angeles, that would tip Mixt over into formula retail status here with more than 11 locations.

Finally, in the spirit of saving dessert for last, there’s this: While Mixt already serves cookies to customers looking to reward themselves for eating a sizable salad, there are more options on the way. Mixt is promising a new line of not-quite-unhealthy sweets from an as-yet unannounced, Los Angeles-based partner.