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12 Days Of Christmas Returns to Meadowood After Hiatus with Chefs Sean Brock, Jeremy Fox, and More

It’s beginning to look a lot like Chistmas

Bill Addison

The 12 Days of Christmas guest chef dinner series at The Restaurant at Meadowood, which is very much like Christmas for diners lucky enough to attend, returns this season after a hiatus last year, which, yes, felt a bit like canceling Christmas.

The Chronicle has the lineup for this year, and it’s a who’s who of world famous, and, (incidentally?) all-male chef talent. Here was the roster for the last 12 Days of Christmas, held in 2015.

Each dinners is $500 per person or $725 for chef’s counter seating, and tickets will be sold through Tock starting on September 1.


The Twelve Days of Christmas at Meadowood

Day 1: Friday, Dec. 8
Mark Lundgaard (Kong Hans Kælder), Denmark

Day 2: Saturday, Dec. 9
Manish Mehrotra (Indian Accent), India

Day 3: Tuesday, Dec. 12
Fabian von Hauske & Jeremiah Stone (Contra), New York

Day 4: Wednesday, Dec. 13
Jeremy Fox (Rustic Canyon), Los Angeles

Day 5: Thursday, Dec. 14
Benjamin Sukle (birch), Providence

Day 6: Friday, Dec. 15
Sean Brock (Husk), Charleston

Day 7: Saturday, Dec. 16
Yoshi Takazawa (Aronia de Takazawa), Japan

Day 8: Tuesday, Dec. 19
Thomas Keller (The French Laundry), Yountville

Day 9: Wednesday, Dec. 20
Eric Werner (Hartwood), Mexico

Day 10: Thursday, Dec. 21
Jock Zonfrillo (Orana), Australia

Day 11: Friday, Dec. 22
Alexandre Couillon (La Marine), France

Day 12: Saturday, Dec. 23
Christopher Kostow (The Restaurant at Meadowood), St. Helena

A lot has happened since the last 12 Days of Christmas. Meadowood chef Christopher Kostow — who closes out the holiday festivities with the final meal — has opened a second, more casual restaurant, The Charter Oak. Of course, whether it’s casual enough is open to debate among critics.