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Proposition Chicken Brings Chicken Three Ways to Oakland

SF chicken joint expands to Lakeshore Ave

Proposition Chicken/Facebook

Proposition Chicken, a second branch of a San Francisco chicken restaurant that’s committed to its ballot initiative theme, opens tomorrow in Oakland. The East Bay wing of Proposition Chicken at 3260 Lakeshore Avenue will serve the same menu as the original, which started on Market Street in 2013.

That menu is somewhat less complicated than a real California ballot: Diners can order Mary's free-range birds brined and fried or roasted rotisserie-style and served as sandwiches, salads, or platters. The restaurant advertises their chicken as “Fried, flipped, or fake,” but by flipped they just mean rotisserie, and by fake they just mean crispy bbq tofu, which is also an option for the sandwich/salad/platter format.

More items like brussels sprouts, wings, and chicken matzo ball soup round out the menu. To drink, there’s beer and wine — and also bone broth, which the restaurant boils down from its chicken bones for 24 hours.

Proposition Chicken was put forward by owners Elizabeth Wells, who also owns Southpaw BBQ and Brewery on Mission Street, and Ari Feingold and Max Cohen, who co-own carnivalesque Hayes Valley restaurant Straw. The trio claims they’d been looking to expand for two years, before finding Lakeshore.

But will “Prop C” pass with Oaklanders? That remains to be seen. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.