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Doughp Now Scooping “Hella Lit” Raw Cookie Dough on Market

South Park Cafe closes Friday, free affogato, and more to know this morning


Doughp now open for lit fire bae treats

Raw cookie dough, scooped and served like ice cream, is now available at Doughp in the Myriad food hall space on Market in the Castro. As with other purveyors of the once-verboten treat, such as Cookie Dough Parlor in the East Bay, Doughp’s flavors of cookie dough aren’t made with raw eggs, so they’re safe to eat raw. While fans appear enthusiastic about the product, not everyone is as delighted by Doughp’s, er, forceful branding. The Chronicle’s Justin Phillips writes that he can’t help but “tilt his head” at owner Kelsey Witherow’s assertion that she’s a “doughp dealer” serving flavors with names like “This S’More is Hella Lit” and “Cold Brew is Bae.” In response to the brand’s assertion that “This Doughp is fire, bro,” Phillips can only respond with a note of minor exasperation: “I don’t know, man.”

Bon Voyage to 32-year-old South Park Cafe

South Park Cafe, a longtime Parisian hideaway known for its duck and reasonable prix-fixe, will close this Friday. “We have sold the restaurant to our landlord so we can move on and he can renovate the building,” the owners of South Park Cafe, located right on San Francisco’s quaint, ovular park in SoMa, report. “[Chef] Ward will finally begin a life of leisure and [manager/co-owner] Marty will head off to Europe for an extended vacation.”

Linea Caffe

Free coffee and ice cream alert

Linea Caffe (3417 18th Street between Mission and Valencia) celebrates its 4th anniversary today with free affogato and Nitro cold brew floats made with Bi-Rite vanilla ice cream. The giveaway starts at 2 p.m. and goes until they run out or close at 6 p.m.

$1,000 fine for littering in Dolores Park?

A potentially steep fine for littering in the popular green space and party zone of Dolores Park is on hold, for now, and current fine levels will remain: $100 for a first offense, $200 for a second, and $500 for a third. The Board of Supervisors thinks a proposed $1,000 fine should be studied by the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services committee and Supervisor Jane Kim’s Fees and Fines task force group, and won’t vote on it yet. Meanwhile, the Supervisors will vote tomorrow on whether to ban glass bottles in all parks, as they are already do in Dolores.