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Airbnb App Now Includes Restaurant Reservations

Thanks to the company’s investment in reservation app resy

San Francisco-based travel company Airbnb wants users to book travel and a table without leaving the comfort of the Airbnb app, expanding its in-app restaurant reservation offerings through the service Resy to 16 cities. How did this come to be? In January, Airbnb invested $13 million to bolster the 2014-founded Resy [disclosure: Resy Ben Leventhal was one of the co-founders of Eater].

While it’s not clear if that investment puts Resy, which only operates in the US, on a level playing field with larger competitor OpenTable, it’s now paying off in the sense that Resy is tucked into the Airbnb experience. Airbnb has actually been testing its reservations tab in San Francisco with a handful of restaurants since this spring, so if local diners have seen an influx of tourists at their favorite haunts, they now know why. In San Francisco, restaurants like Ardiana, Trou Normand, Tosca Cafe, and Alba Ray’s are currently available to book from within the app.

One reservation you can’t make on Airbnb? Bellota, the Spanish restaurant in the retail space of Airbnb’s headquarters in SoMa at 888 Brannan Street. That’s available for reservations via OpenTable, not Resy.