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Bodega Puffed Up The Numbers of Its Existing Bay Area Kiosks

Five things to know now


Bodega, where art thou?

The Bay Area startup Bodega, already unpopular for appearing to challenge mom-and-pop corner stores with its name and services, is even less popular, numbers wise, than originally understood. Founder Paul McDonald, an ex-Google product manager, initially claimed that the company’s app-enabled vending cupboards were already in operation at 30 Bay Area locations, but BuzzFeed found that at least six of those listed had no Bodegas to speak of. That was echoed in a tip to Eater: “As the Manager of Millennium Tower, I can assure you... we have not allowed this company to enter our building,” a building representative wrote. The company now says it has 30 locations that are live or will go live soon. It’s all too shocking.

Tacolicious hosts Earthquake relief in Mexico

In response to devastating earthquakes in Oaxaca, Puebla, and Mexico City, Tacolicious will donate 100 percent of proceeds from their restaurants next Wednesday to UNICEF relief efforts. Tacolicious was inspired in part by cuisine at El Califa in Condesa, Mexico City, says Tacolicious co-owner Sara Deseran. "Watching the devastation in that neighborhood and Roma nearby has been so shocking... then there's Oaxaca, where our mezcal comes from. Not to mention, some of our employees have family in the areas that were affected. We want to do all we can to support."

Indoor mini-golf bound for Ghirardelli Square with beer and wine

Ghirardelli Square, which is now down a marquee restaurant, Waxmans, but slated to gain a beer garden from San Francisco Brewing Co., is also set to receive a new date-night/tourist attraction in the form of an indoor mini-golf course from Subpar Miniature Golf, which already operates one in the Bay Area. Expect holes full of whimsical models of SF landmarks and a bar stocked with beer and wine, a style of operation that’s worked well for the particularly intricate Urban Putt in the Mission.

Souvla/Nana Joe’s

Souvla granola hits stores

Tony Cervone, chef/partner of the poplar chain of counter-service greek restaurants Souvla, has tried his hand at granola, designing a flavor for the brand Nana Joes. The very Souvla combination includes kale, fennel, and sliced almonds with rosemary and oregano, maple syrup, orange zest, toasted orange peel, and diced mission figs. It’s available in stores and also at Souvla this weekend, atop greek yogurt, naturally.

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Stookey’s gets the neon sign treatment

Stookey’s Club Moderne, a “post-prohibition” bar at Bush and Taylor that’s very committed to its art deco aesthetic, has a new neon sign thanks to donations from patrons. Check it out — you can’t miss it.


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Ghirardelli Square

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