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Draymond Green Preps for China Trip at Mister Jiu’s

Plus Daniel Patterson’s egg controversy and more

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Chef Brandon Jew and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors
Brandon Jew/Instagram

Draymond Green feasted at Mister Jiu’s

The Warriors are headed to China for a pair of preseason games, and to prepare for his visit Draymond Green took a trip to Chinatown. The NBA All-Star dined at Mister Jiu’s, chef Brandon Jew’s modern Chinese restaurant on Waverly Place last night, with ESPN in tow. The network was filming the basketball star as he ate salt-baked whole trout, fried rice, roast duck, and off-menu oxtail soup as part of its pre-game promotions. The team will play the Minnesota Timberwolves in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China on October 4 and 8; for those interested in watching a basketball game at 3:30 a.m., tune in!

Don’t mess with D-Patt’s eggs

The internet is, and has always been, a blessing and a curse. Currently, chef Daniel Patterson is on the cursed side, as he’s plagued by an 11-year-old NYTimes article on an unusual technique for cooking eggs. After recipe site Food52 posted a video of the chef’s technique, which involves boiling beaten eggs instead of scrambling them, British tabloid The Sun picked up on some commenters’ mistrust of the method, followed by an article from Bloomberg titled “You Are Making Scrambled Eggs All Wrong.” The method seems legit, but it still seems preferable to just go to one of Patterson’s restaurants for brunch instead.

Eat Tacos Oscar to help earthquake victims

Head over to Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland tonight to eat tacos for a good cause. 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Los Topos de Tlatelolco, the Mexican search and rescue team leading relief efforts. It’s tonight, September 26 from 6 - 10 p.m. at 3629 MLK Jr. Way, Oakland.

SF has one of America’s first si fang cai restaurants

Eater National has the deep dive on the type of dining and cuisine served at the newly debuted Eight Tables, the fine-dining restaurant atop China Live. It’s an elite style of dining beloved by high society folk in China and, increasingly, in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Learn more about si fang cai here.

More details on Nestlé’s acquisition of Blue Bottle

The recent acquisition of the majority shares of Oakland-based Blue Bottle has the coffee world atwitter. Now, more details on what it could mean for the company, and craft coffee across the board.

Mister Jiu's

28 Waverly Place, , CA 94108 (415) 857-9688 Visit Website

China Live

644 Broadway, , CA 94133 (415) 788-8188 Visit Website