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Dominique Crenn Cooked Fancy French Lunch for the President

Of France, obviously

Dominique Crenn for President

SF’s own Dominique Crenn joined an elite group of French chefs to cook for French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée Palace this week. The lunch, intended as a symbol of the French government’s appreciation for the culinary arts and industry, came ahead of the Bocuse d'Or France, a national competition to choose who will represent the country on the international stage for the Bocuse D’Or. Created in 1987 by Paul Bocuse, the Bocuse d’Or is a bi-annual competition envisioned as an Olympics of food, with live cooking performed before spectators. (America’s team, lead by Thomas Keller, won the gold medal last year.) Felicitations, Dominique.

We’re Number Three!

San Francisco came in third in a ranking of “Best American Coffee Cities” that was no doubt intended to inspire controversy and conversation, as well as to promote the company that did the ranking, financial data business, WalletHub. Tabulating coffee shops, coffee houses, and cafés per capita along with average prices for coffee, the ranking placed Seattle first, Portland second, San Francisco third, and inferior coffee cities next, like New York fourth, Los Angeles fifth, and so on.

MAC’D via facebook

MAC’D burgled

Still fresh Marina mac and cheese restaurant Mac’d was broken into overnight and remained closed yesterday to deal with the fallout. “We're super happy to report that everyone's safe, no one was hurt, and everything that was taken is replaceable,” they wrote. “We'll be back at it [Wednesday] morning at 11am. Sorry about the inconvenience!”

RN74 is raiding the wine cellar ahead of closure

RN74’s coming closure is a sign of the times according Chronicle wine writer Esther Mobley, who goes on to catalogue the restaurant’s invaluable influence. “Now is RN74’s time to close,” Mobley writes. “Exhilarating in 2009, RN74 no longer makes sense for 2017. In its bright, brief life the restaurant captured the wave of excitement that was building around Burgundy wine, and then, as prices surged, got wiped out by the wave. In many ways, it was a victim of its own success.” Until the place does close on October 7, however, there are some specials to take advantage of, like #ThirstyTuesdays and #ThirstyThursdays, in which bottles of wine from the market list will appear on a train station-style wine board that continuously changes to indicate which bottles are available at half price.


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