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Cookie Dough Parlor Serves Once-Forbidden Pleasures in the East Bay

With one-to-one ratios of cookie dough to ice cream

Cookie Dough Parlor/Facebook

Cookie Dough Parlor, a family-owned business serving ice cream and cookie dough scooped as if it were ice cream, has softly opened in Pinole. At any time, customers can expect 16 flavors of ice cream and nine flavors of cookie dough, which is safe to eat raw. For best results, says Cookie Dough Parlor’s Mahsa Gholami, ice cream and cookie dough should be combined.

Gholami and her family grew up making cookie dough but eating it, not baking it. For the last decade, she and her husband have dreamed of creating a space for the community to enjoy their own freshly-made, but not-yet-baked, dough. Now she hopes the parlor’s most popular item will be its “cookie dough sundae creation.” That’s the customer’s choice of cookie dough and ice cream served together, with the dough as-is or slightly warmed up.

“We call it ‘cookie dough heaven.’ We want the cookie dough to be a really good topping, like a big, fat scoop over a scoop or two of ice cream,” Gholami says. Heated up, the dough gets “a half-baked, warm, gooey” texture “like you just took it out of the oven a few minutes too early, [and] adding ice cream to that is just delicious.”

One of Gholami’s favorite combinations is Nutella and chocolate chip cookie dough with ube and chocolate chip ice cream. Pre-designed sundaes are also available at Cookie Dough Parlor, like the Pop’zel, which includes caramel popcorn and salted caramel pieces, the Mr. Potato Head, with peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie dough with ice cream and potatoes chips, and the Dirt and Worms, their spin on the throwback dessert with gummy worms and crushed Oreos.

For those who don’t enjoy the forbidden pleasure of raw cookie dough even when it’s safe, the Parlor will have soda and coffee floats with just ice cream. There’s also the 50/50, which has the looks and layers of a parfait. It’s a blend of sherbet and a few flavors of ice cream. And Cookie Dough Parlor will also sell its cookie dough to take home and bake — or, of course, consume raw.

Cookie Dough Parlor is located at 1418 Pinole Valley Road in Pinole, right off Interstate 80. Their soft opening is this Sunday, September 3 at noon. Expect giveaways during their grand opening in a few weeks.


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