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Tadich Grill’s D.C. Spinoff Closes Amid Feud With Original Location

The new location sued the original, and the original countersued


The Washington, D.C. Tadich Grill — a 2015-opened branch of the San Francisco dining institution — has lasted not quite so long as its more than 150-year-old sibling. Eater D.C. reports that the 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue Tadich Grill location has closed amid a lawsuit and countersuit between its operator, Icon, Inc. and the owners of the original Tadich Grill, the Buich family.

The president of Icon, Gerard Centioli, specifies that the closure of Tadich Grill D.C is “indefinite” rather than final, and is related specifically to a frozen sprinkler system. “This has been a recurring problem and we have no certain solution for it,” Centioli says.

Michael Buich and his family licensed the Tadich Grill name and concept to Icon for a D.C. location in 2013, retaining control of the San Francisco original. Almost immediately after the D.C. expansion was completed, in 2015, rumors surfaced that the Buichs had ostracized a family member, Terry Upshaw, who married NFL Hall of Famer and former Oakland Raider Gene Upshaw, because he is African-American. As the D.C. Tadich grill stumbled financially, losing millions, Icon sued the Buich family, alleging that the scandal was the source of their financial woes. They sought $2.5 million for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation.

The Buich family has refuted the story of racism, claiming that their relationship with Upshaw is personal and unrelated. In response to Icon, Buich countersued, claiming that he’d actually severed ties with Icon due to the company’s poor performance.

“We strongly believe that Icon’s allegations are not only without merit, but are in retaliation — as well as an attempt to distract from its sub-par management of Tadich Grill of Washington, D.C.,” Buich said.

According to Icon president Centioli, the parties are now in the process of mediation. Regardless, D.C. diners hoping to enjoy Tadich Grill’s Dungeness crab will have a considerably longer trek ahead of them, at least for now.

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