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The Chapel Kills Off Restaurant The Vestry


The Vestry/Yelp

The Chapel, a formerly Mortuary on Valencia Street resurrected as a live music venue, has laid its sister restaurant, The Vestry, to rest. But regular patrons mourning the loss of their dependable brunch spot shouldn’t take it too hard: The business will bring back a new restaurant concept in the same space, perhaps as soon as this spring.

“The owners wanted to create a more unified experience between The Chapel, bar, and The Vestry,” a representative for the business tells Eater SF.

The 85-seat restaurant with an outdoor patio space opened in 2013, serving comfort food and cocktails. In a note to customers on the restaurant’s door and on its website, management struck a cheerful note.

Big news folks - The Chapel’s restaurant, the Vestry, has gone to heaven. But do you believe in reincarnation? Get ready for an awesome new restaurant and bar coming to The Chapel this Spring – we promise to keep the good vibes coming. Until then, we’ll see you at The Chapel for a show

Keep an eye out for what’s next in the Chapel’s restaurant space.

The Chapel

777 Valencia Street, , CA 94110 (415) 551-5157 Visit Website

The Vestry

777 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 551-7306 Visit Website