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Prepare for the Return of the Mission’s ‘Tamale Lady’

Plus, ‘hell chicken’ is back and town and more a.m. intel

The Tamale Lady mural in Clarion Alley circa 2013
Jay Galvin/Flickr

Kronnerburger is setting the world on fire tonight with “hell chicken” and Scribe wine

NY chef Lee Desrosiers (Achilles Heel) is back at Kronnerburger in Oakland to cook his infamous chicken, which is smoked, grilled, braised, and crisped on the grill again before it is served with chicken jus, chicken schmaltz and miso mixed with puréed garlic. Chef Chris Kronner is adding some smoked Dungeness crab, chicken liver and pickles on Tartine Bakery bread, and coal-roasted cauliflower with Calabrian chilis and anchovies, and much more. Scribe Winery will be on hand to celebrate the release of its pet nat and to preview the first rosé of the year (other Scribe wines will be available by the glass). Reservations for the collaborative dinner, which takes place tonight only, are available here.

Protests continue at Reem’s California in Fruitvale

Protestors from the group Oakland United Against Hate gathered outside the Arab-owned bakery on Sunday to protest its mural of Rasmea Odeh. Since the bakery opened last year, it’s received both support and condemnation from the community, some of whom identify Odeh as a terrorist after being convicted for her role in the death of two Israeli students decades ago. Counter-protestors from other social justice groups stood in support of Reem’s; both groups were peaceful. Read more about the controversy here.

Lavash was burned over the weekend

Inner Sunset restaurant Lavash caught on fire Friday evening, burning for 30 minutes before it was extinguished. Luckily no one was injured in the blaze, but the restaurant will be closed until further notice. The family-owned restaurant has served middle Eastern food to the neighborhood for a decade. Stay tuned for more as they rebuild.

Three Twins is closing its Lower Haight shop

The location of the popular local ice cream brand at Haight and Fillmore has permanently closed after a turbulent few years. Two years after opening the shop was closed by a 4-alarm fire for three years. Now after a rent increase, more neighborhood competition and the increased availability of Three Twins in grocery stores, it’s time to close for good, founder Neal Gottlieb said.

SF’s “Tamale Lady” is ready to open her own restaurant

After years of anticipation, the Tamale Lady (aka Virginia Ramos) is back on track to open her Mission restaurant. It’s been years since Ramos was banned from selling her tamales on foot throughout the Mission, but her fans are still eagerly awaiting her reappearance. According to the Chron, delays were caused by permits and necessary seismic retrofitting on the residential building above the restaurant. Stay tuned for a possible April opening.