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In-N-Out Has Hot Cocoa, and It’s Free for Kids on Rainy Days

The first menu addition in 15 years is not very Californian

In-N-Out’s new hot cocoa
Meghan McCarron

In-N-Out-loving Californians might not need a hot beverage as much as their cold-weather counterparts, but whatever, the Irvine-based burger chain just added hot cocoa to all its locations anyway. It’s the first formal addition to the restaurant’s famously static menu in 15 years — the last was lemonade — and it’s available year-round.

In-N-Out makes its Hot Cocoa the old-fashioned way: With hot water and chocolate powder, which comes from SF-founded Ghirardelli Chocolate, and optionally topping it with freeze-dried marshmallows. Prices will vary according to taxes in certain markets: In San Francisco, for example, hot cocoa is $2.88 with tax at the city’s only In-N-Out location, at 333 Jefferson Street in Fisherman’s Wharf.

For certain customers on certain days, however, the drink will be considerably cheaper: When it rains, kids under 12 can receive a free hot chocolate, a customer service representative confirms. They’ll just have to clear their order with a parent or guardian, since for kids, chocolate is basically a controlled substance.