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Trick Dog Airways

Trick Dog’s New Menu Wants to Transport You With Aviation-Themed Cocktails

Take to the skies with Trick Dog Airways

It’s that time of year again: Trick Dog has revealed its new menu, the twice-a-year treat that signals a craft cocktail spree for fans of the bar’s playful offerings. For the 11th menu, the creative duo of Josh Harris and Morgan Schick have taken to the skies with Trick Dog Airways, modeling it after the safety card found in the back of an airplane seat.

The new menu divides drinks into three sections by type of “aircraft” (low proof, highballs, and shots) or international terminals like CDG (Charles de Gaulle, Paris), and SEA (Seattle-Tacoma International, Seattle). “Business class” includes cocktails made with Trick Dog private barrels, like Mellow Corn Whiskey and Elijah Craig Small Batch bourbon.

Illustrated by Peter Gamlen, the safety card-style brochure features explanations for various situations one might encounter in the air, such as turbulence or loss of pressure (“In case of sudden loss of pressure, finish your own drink before assisting fellow passengers in finishing theirs”).

The DME cocktail
The DME cocktail

Jokes aside, the cocktails are a mixture of out there ingredients like “waffle syrup” and caramelized ice cubes, fresh ingredients like rosemary and seaweed, and specialty spirits and liqueurs. For instance, the KIX (Kansai International, Tokyo) features Plymouth gin, Lillet Rosé, nigori sake, lychee, seaweed, and lime, served up.

Trick Dog Airways Menu
Welcome to Trick Dog Airways

Trick Dog is known for switching its cocktail menu around twice a year, ditching the old one entirely and adopting a new, elaborate theme each time. Past menus have included a Zodiac chart with drinks designed after astrological signs, and a conspiracy theory menu with cocktails inspired by yetis and UFOs, a mural project theme, and a children’s book.

As with all of the bar’s menus, hard copies are for sale, with proceeds will benefiting a charity — this time they’ll go to Seven Teepees Youth, which provides services to inner-city youth. Stop by to check out the new menu starting today, January 8 at 3 p.m.

Trick Dog

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