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Pizza Headed for Former Navi Kitchen Space in Emeryville

Very different pizza

Pizza Amigos/Yelp

About three months after chef Preeti Mistry closed her Emeryville cafe and Indian pizza hub Navi Kitchen, a very different sort of pizza restaurant is moving in. Pizza Amigos, a more typical American-style pizza shop, should open in about a week, according to Barinder Sidhu, a manager at the original Pizza Amigos in Antioch.

Sidhu says to expect roughly the same menu at the new Emeryville restaurant, with potential specials added down the line. The Antioch restaurant serves thick-crust pizzas loaded with toppings such as pepperoni, mushroom, peppers, salami, and bacon bits. Vegetarian pizza combos are also prominent. According to text painted on the windows, Pizza Amigos will offer delivery and 14-inch pizzas will go for $17.99.

The space at 5000 Adeline Street offers a spacious patio surrounded by apartments, but otherwise, not much foot traffic. It’s on a sleepy stretch of Emeryville, with the nearest restaurants still several blocks away.