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Alfred’s Steakhouse Reopens in November With New Menu After Months-Long Closure

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It quietly closed earlier this summer

Alfred’s Steakhouse

90-year-old Alfred’s Steakhouse has been closed since June, with few details on when it might reopen. Now, according to its website, the restaurant will reopen in mid-November with a new menu format.

When chef Daniel Patterson’s Alta Group took over ownership in 2016, the aging restaurant underwent a slight interior and menu refresh, adding grass-fed beef to the menu. Since then the restaurant’s path has been fraught with closures: the first for the remodel, the second following minor damage from a two-alarm fire, and the latest unexplained closure that began in June.

The new menu appears to be a prix fixe affair: each dinner includes an “appetizer platter” for the table, choice of first course, choice of entree with two sides, and as before, one complimentary sauce. That’s quite a trimming from the previous menu, which featured a large selection of starters like oysters (raw and Rockefeller) and beef carpaccio, salads and soups, and non-steak options like petrale sole and roasted chicken.

Now diners choose from three first courses (Caesar salad, heart of romaine, or shrimp cocktail) and ten cuts of steak, which includes the famous Alfred’s steak (20 ounce bone-in NY cut for $49), as well as a petit filet (eight ounces for $45), ribeye (14 ounces of dry-aged beef for $49), and more. A wild king salmon filet is available for non-beef eaters. The selection of sides has been whittled down to four options: creamed spinach, grilled broccoli, French fries, and au gratin russet. Add a dessert for $9.

Stay tuned for more details and an opening date.

Alfred's Steakhouse

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