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Pizzeria Delfina Plans Downtown SF Location to Open Soon

Coming in hot at 688 Mission Street

Pizzeria Delfina/Facebook

Craig and Annie Stoll, owners of Delfina, Delfina Pizzeria, and Locanda, aren’t sitting back as they prepare to celebrate 20 years in the Mission with their flagship restaurant this November. Instead, they’re opening a new Pizzeria Delfina location downtown, expanding their pizza empire to 688 Mission Street (between 3rd and Annie Streets, near SFMOMA and the Yerba Buena Center).

“We’d always wanted to open something down that way,” says Craig Stoll, “and when AG Ferrari [which has shuttered all its locations] was moving out, we called, got the scoop, and got the space.”

The new Pizzeria Delfina will offer seating for 80 diners, and it marks the fifth location of the pizza business overall: The Mission, Pacific Heights, Palo Alto, and Burlingame all have Pizzerias Delfina.

Like the rest, the 688 Mission location will be designed by Envelope A + D and feature a mural of the San Francisco Bay — a gesture to murals at pizzerias in Naples that typically depict the Bay of Naples. This time, the Pizzeria Delfina mural will painted by artist Shawn Bullen (whose artwork can be found from Hayes Valley to the Fillmore, where it’s on the side of the Boom Boom room).

With a wine bar and 12 taps, the new Delfina will also serve a Delfina chardonnay made by Scribe Winery in Sonoma (bottled in magnums and served on tap). Another new twist: Soft serve with Double 8 Dairy from Petaluma. Otherwise, Delfina fans can expect the same reliable menu of pizza, pasta, and seasonal grilled vegetables they’ve come to depend on.

Stoll hopes to open Pizzeria Delfina downtown in late November or early December.