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‘Aggressive, Abusive’ Wine Bar Closing in Alameda

Plus a Philz is closing, a Farmburger closes, and more intel

Alameda Wine Co./Yelp

A wine bar falls behind on rent

Alameda Wine Company, a small downtown wine bar near the theater, will close on Tuesday, November 6 after failing to pay rent to the city for months. The owner primarily blames stiff competition from the movie theater’s newer restaurant next door, which allows you to bring wine into the theater. The city also received many complaints about the owner’s “aggressive, abusive behavior” as well as racial discrimination.

Time for Berkeley residents to find a new Philz

The first East Bay Philz Coffee opened on Shattuck Avenue in North Berkeley almost 10 years ago, and now, it’s gearing up to close on January 13. Philz chief executive Jacob Jaber told the Chronicle that this particular Philz had a challenging layout, and the company will search for a new Berkeley location.

... and a new burger place to let children run wild

National burger chain Farm Burger — popular among parents for its designated children’s play area — has closed its West Berkeley post after five years in business. The space will become a second location of Marin Pizza, a fast-casual, build-your-own pizza spot in Corte Madera.

Get your hot dogs

East Oakland has a new spot for hot dogs and sausages: Dogtown Sausage at 5916 International Boulevard. The menu includes more classic combos like a grilled hot link topped with peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese sauce, as well as creative offerings like a chicken-fried chicken sausage topped with spicy slaw and Sriracha mayo.