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Pauline’s Pizza Looks to Sell Building After 33 Years on Valencia

Get their pesto pizza while you can

Jenna S./Yelp

As she has been since late 2016, Pauline’s founder Sidney Weinstein is still seeking a buyer to continue the legacy of the family-friendly pizza parlor she opened on Valencia Street in 1985. For the moment, the restaurant is very much still open, slinging it signature pesto pizza with ingredients from Weinstein’s own gardens.

But after almost two years searching for the right buyer/heir — and some unsuccessful sale negotiations — Weinstein and her husband are trying another tactic: Selling the building at 260 Valencia Street, which he owns, altogether. They’re offering to deliver it to a new buyer without Pauline’s on the first floor.

Weinstein, who is now in her 70s and eyeing retirement, still hopes a buyer for the restaurant will emerge. “That would be great — I hope it happens. It would be good for my staff,” she says, many of whom have worked long tenures at the restaurant.

Current customers needn’t fear, she adds: Pauline’s is continuing business as usual until a buyer for the business or the building appears. And if customers who haven’t visited recently returned for another taste, that wouldn’t hurt, either.

“There’s so much pizza in San Francisco, and so much good food in SF, it’s very hard to sustain an old fashioned restaurant,” says Weinstein. That said, she’s done so for quite some time, preserving traditions like sundaes for dessert and crayons on tables for kids.

Stay tuned for more on the fate of 260 Valencia Street: Expect pizza updates as warranted.