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After Three-Year Absence, A Beer Bar Returns to the Tenderloin

Plus it’s time to drink the fire relief IPA, pie PSAs, and more intel

Amsterdam Cafe/Facebook

Say hello to a familiar beer bar

The Tenderloin’s Amsterdam Cafe closed in February of 2016 after a big rent hike, but now the beer bar is back in a new space across the street from the original. Now located at 930 Geary Street, formerly Hoang Dat Coffee Shop, Amsterdam Cafe continues to serve a variety of beers on draft as well as bottles in large display fridges. According to Hoodline, the bar’s kitchen is still be renovated, but folks can expect bites and pizza to be on offer in the future, too.

About that fire relief beer...

More than 1,400 breweries nationwide have brewed Sierra Nevada’s Resilience Butte County Proud IPA, with 100 percent of the sales donated to the Chico brewery’s own Camp Fire relief fund. Now, many of those breweries are collectively hosting Resilience Night, a party showcasing their own versions of the IPA in their respective taprooms (again, with sales going to the relief fund). Keep an eye out on your favorite local brewery’s social media feed to see if they’re participating — the parties will all go down Thursday, December 20.


Hayes Valley is getting a new pizzeria called Crossroad Pizza in the former Pastry Cupboard space at 1596 Market Street. Details are scarce for now, but it seems to be a new project from the same team behind Javalencia Cafe located next door.

A different pie PSA

It’s officially too late for you to experience the burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, and other hot dishes at Theorita, the popular but short-lived sister to Che Fico, which is closing for good on December 24. Until then, you can still stop by for pastries, pie, and coffee from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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