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Bourbon & Branch Team Quietly Opens New Tiki Bar

Zombie Village is here

Alexis A./Yelp

Thatched roofs, skulls, and loads of rum cocktails have made their way to the Tenderloin: Zombie Village, the latest bar from the Future Bars group, is now open.

Zombie Village lands at 441 Jones Street, which previously held Future Bars’ American-themed Tradition. This is the second tiki bar for the group, which debuted Pagan Idol in 2016, and previously opened the likes of cocktail destinations Bourbon & Branch, Local Edition, and Rickhouse.

It’s an homage of sorts to an Oakland tiki bar with the same name, which was located across the street from the original Trader Vic’s, owned by Skipper Kent. “We wanted to bring awareness to one of the most underrated original tiki bars,” Future Bars’ Daniel “Doc” Parks told Eater SF. “The name, decor, and classic drinks will be part of that.”

The team is still polishing off Zombie Village’s elaborate, tiki noir decor, which channels Caribbean island culture with Haitian voodoo elements. And while more than a dozen tiki cocktails are being served, many more are still to come.

Zombie Village

441 Jones St, San Francisco, CA 94102