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Ice Cream-Stuffed Doughnuts Head to Oakland

Plus Mexican street snacks, French pastries, and more intel

Ice cream doughnuts, like these from The Parlor in Sacramento, are coming to Oakland.
The Parlor ice cream puffs/Facebook

A Sacramento trend arrives

A different kind of ice cream sandwich is coming to Oakland’s Temescal district this January. I Scream Donuts will move into the Tara’s Organic Ice Cream shop, which is closing on December 30. (Tara’s owner Tara Esperanza is moving on to pursue art, though she will keep her Berkeley location on College Avenue open.) I Scream Donuts comes from Katie Wages, who partially grew up in Sacramento and fell in love with a recent food trend there: ice cream doughnuts, as seen in places like The Parlor and Sweet Dozen. Essentially, it’s an ice cream sandwich using doughnuts instead of cookies, except most businesses use a sealer to lock a scoop of still-cold ice cream inside a still-warm doughnut.

Mexican street snacks to the Wharf

Modesto’s Mango Crazy has expanded to San Francisco with its best-selling mangonadas in tow. For the uninitiated, the mangonada is a sweet-spicy Mexican dessert layered with mango sorbet, diced mango, mango juice, lime, chamoy, and chili powder. Beyond that, there actually isn’t a ton of mango on the menu. Instead, the place specializes in Mexican street snacks, like tostilokos (chips with pork rids, peanuts, tamarind candy, clamato, and hot sauce), churroslokos (similar ingredients as tostilokos but prepared differently), and tosticeviche (ceviche served inside a bag of chips with hot sauce). Find it at 51 Jefferson Street on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Black sesame macarons and more

French patisserie Atelier Colibri is set to open at 138 Pelton Center Way in San Leandro on January 2. Owner Lori Hawkins plans to serve classics like croissants and tarts as well as some harder-to-find treats like choux aux craquelin and one non-traditional, trendy item: cruffins, as made famous by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. As a nod to her Chinese background, Hawkins will also infuse flavors like black sesame and green tea into her otherwise French favorites.

Eat it all

All-you-can-eat Asian fusion restaurant Superhot Hot Pot & Korean BBQ is opening in Mountain View in January. It takes over the former Verde Tea Kitchen space at 210 Hope Street. There will be no a la carte ordering — instead, binge on all the hot pot, dim sum, and Korean barbecue you can handle for $29.99 at dinner and $18.99 at lunch.