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New Brewery Debuts in North Beach With Selfie Station

And, of course, beer on tap

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After roughly four years as a contract brewery, HolyCraft Brewing Company finally has its own space to brew, pour, and meet the people. HolyCraft Brewery Taproom, the company’s first taproom and production brewery, is now open at 787 Broadway, the former Sip Bar & Lounge space in North Beach.

Bay Area beer drinks might recognize HolyCraft’s cans from Bevmo, and HolyCraft owners Steve Seto and Phil Fabian will continue to brew at bigger breweries like Hermitage in San Jose to supply that demand. But the new production space allows them to experiment with more unusual recipes for a more varied taproom lineup. (The current flagships are a Belgian ale, a blonde, and a Japanese rice lager with yuzu.)

The spacious taproom has a moody feel with pitch black walls, geometric wood tables, and a large impressionist-style painting of the Golden Gate Bridge — artists Grace Ding, Fellipy Costa, Gioi Tran, and Daniel Boza contributed their skills to both the interior and exterior. Outside, there’s a painted HolyCraft logo with life-size angel wings for a prime selfie station, taking a cue from recent festivals and experiential “museums.”

HolyCraft Brewery Taproom is open Wednesday through Friday from 4 p.m. to midnight and weekends from noon to midnight.

Update: An earlier version of this article stated HolyCraft would continue to brew at Fort Point. While HolyCraft used to have a contract brewing relationship with Fort Point, that’s no longer the case.

HolyCraft Brewery Taproom

787 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133 Visit Website