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Beverage Entrepreneur E-40 Releasing Tequila Line E. Cuarenta


E-40 via Facebook

Hyphy rapper and spirits producer E-40 has a new drink to help fans go dumb: A line of tequila he’s calling E. Cuarenta. The Vallejo-born artist and member of rap group The Click has previously put his given name, Earl Stevens, to a line of wines, and added his rap moniker to a 40-oz malt liquor label and a bottled Hurricane cocktail called Sluricane, an homage to a track from his 1995 album Game Related.

Stevens has long sought to produce tequila, he wrote in a Facebook post this week, but has been waiting for the right moment to strike. “I have spent years and many trips to different distillers in Mexico working with master blenders to find just the right product and Taste profile,” Stevens explained. “I have selected a small Boutique distillery that still uses the Old world process of making Tequila alone with modern facilities for quality and product consistency.”


Helpfully, Stevens offers some background on the naming of his product: “In case you were wondering about the name, it means E-40 in Spanish,” he wrote on Twitter. Glad that’s cleared up.

E. Cuarenta is being produced in Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo, plus Extra Anejo “for Special Holidays.” The rapper says it will be on shelves in time for Cinco De Mayo, adding that “I look forward in getting it into the market for your enjoyment. DISFRUTAR ( Spanish for Enjoy ).”