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9 Gourmet Cannabis Treats to Win Valentine’s Day

It’s the winter of love

S’mores marshmallows from Mellows
| Mellows

Though Eater isn’t normally a proponent of the very overhyped Valentine’s Day holiday, there are exceptions. And now that it’s just a week away and recreational weed is legal in California, a plain-old box of chocolates feels so very 2017. This year, a vast new world of sweets awaits — cannabis confections dreamt up by an-ever growing number of companies trying to keep up with the high demand for edibles.

From classic chocolates, to decadent baked goods, and crave-worthy candies, we’ve rounded up the most gourmet of ganja offered in the Bay Area for a very-2018 holiday.

German chocolate truffles from Bliss Edibles

German Chocolate Truffles by Bliss Edibles

If you’re looking for a cannabis-spin on a classic Valentine’s treat, San Francisco-based Bliss Edibles offers a sinful box of German chocolate truffles. These small treats are made by rolling a chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting into a truffle center that’s dipped in chocolate. Every box contains four pieces, each containing 1.5 doses (50mg of THC.)

Where to get it: Bloom Room, 71 Jessie St, San Francisco; The Apothecarium, 2414 Lombard St, San Francisco; see all locations at

Hazelnut mocha macaron from Madame Munchie

Hazelnut Mocha Macarons by Madame Munchie

Can you get fancier than a delicate, Parisian-style macaron? San Francisco’s Madame Munchie specializes in handcrafted, luxury edibles, including macarons in five gourmet flavors: hazelnut mocha, citrus a l’amande, grilled PB&J, tropical jungle (chocolate ganache with banana puree), and green gold (pistachio butter and a splash of honey). Each macaron contains 20mg of THC; grab a single for $6 or a variety box of five, with one of each flavor, for $25.

Where to get it: Urban Pharm, 122 10th St, San Francisco; Magnolia, 161 Adeline St, Oakland; see all locations at

CBD raw sipping cacao from Om Edibles
Om Edibles

CBD Raw Sipping Cacao by Om Edibles

If you’re new to edibles, Om Edibles — a California-based, all-female grow collective —says it has the “perfect introductory” product with its raw, organic sipping cacao that’s medicated with organic ACDC flowers. Because it contains CBD rather than THC, it is not psychoactive but gives off a subtle, mood-boosting effect. Spread it over fruit, nuts, or toast; you can also add to milk or hot cocoa, perfect for a cozy night in binge watching Netflix. Each 4oz jar contains 80 mg THC and sells for $41.

Where to get it: The Green Door, 843 Howard St, San Francisco; Harborside Health Center, 1840 Embarcadero, Oakland; see all locations at

Raspberry rose lychee marshmallows from Mellows

Raspberry Rose Lychee Marshmallows by Mellows

Mellows bring something different to the edible market with its artisanal marshmallows — all whipped and cut by hand before being put in a pretty package. Out of all of the flavors, the fruity-and-floral raspberry rose lychee marshmallows, made with pureed raspberries and lychee, plus a splash of rose essence, would be the most festive for Valentine’s. Another crowd favorite is the s’mores flavor, with smoky vanilla bean marshmallow, drizzled in dark chocolate and topped with graham cracker crumbs; other options include birthday cake, brown butter sage, and cookies and cream. Each box contains 12 marshmallows (5 mg THC each).Where to get it: Harvest, 4811 Geary Blvd; San Francisco; Sparc, 1256 Mission St, San Francisco; see all locations at

Chocolate-covered blueberries from Kiva Confections
Kiva Confections

Chocolate-Covered Blueberries by Kiva Confections

Oakland-based Kiva Confections is one of leading edible companies in California, well-known for its line up of tasty, classic chocolate bars. But their Kiva Terra Bites are arguably just as popular. These small M&M-sized balls are just 5mg a bite, making dosing customizable and easy to figure out. The terra bites come in chocolate-covered blueberries or espresso beans. A tin runs $18, each containing 24 servings.

Where to get it: SPARC, 1256 Mission St, San Francisco; CBCB, 3033 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley; see all locations at

Glazed Pecans by Auntie Dolores

If you’re looking for something a little more nutritious and a little less fattening, Auntie Dolores specializes in crafting edibles that target the more health-conscious among us. Opt for the guilt-free glazed pecans — eat a few on their own, sprinkle them over a dessert, or even toss them in a salad if you really want to show off. About five or six pecans equal one dose, and a package comes with 10 doses for a total of 100 mg THC per bag.

Where to get it: Medithrive,1933 Mission St, San Francisco; Berkeley Patients Group; 2366 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley;

Cotton Kandy from Kandy Kare
Kandy Kare

Cotton Kandy by Kandy Care

Happy Valentine’s, here’s some weed cotton candy! It’s not a traditional sweet offering, per se, but it may win you points for most unique gift. This nostalgic treat, “Cotton Kandy,” from the Bay Area’s Kandy Care, contains 25 grams of product with 55 mg of THC (about four servings per package) so it’s good to share. It comes in two colors: phaded pink and blazed blue. Other offerings from Kandy Care include gummy bears, lollipops, and caramel chews.

Where to get it: Mission Organic, 5258 Mission St., San Francisco; Purple Heart, 415 4th St., Oakland; see all locations at

Matcha-white chocolate bar from Défoncé Chocolatier

Matcha-White Chocolate Bar by Défoncé

Défoncé, which means “high” in French, strives to take cannabis chocolate to next-level luxury with high-end, sustainable ingredients and packaging that puts Godiva to shame. Choose from dark, vanilla, coffee, hazelnut, milk, mint, or their most unique: white chocolate infused with green tea matcha, which they say pairs nicely with the herbal-notes of cannabis for a “complex” and “well-balanced” bar.

Where to get it: Shambhala, 2441 Mission St. San Francisco; Harvest on Geary, 4811 Geary Blvd. San Francisco. See all locations at:

Kush Kakery

Kush Cake Pops by Kush Kakery

These cake pops may look cute, but they are also potent: as each small cake pop contains two to eight doses, these are best suited for sharing or for the cannabis connoisseur with a high tolerance. Made by Kush Kakery in Hollywood, these pops come in a selection of flavors from chocolate Thai to sour grape to caramel candy—or go for their most luxurious version: a gold cake pop with a peanut butter brownie and peanut butter chocolate dipped in gold with gold shimmer. All range in price ($18-26) and potency (55mg-222mg).

Where to get it: Available a la carte for delivery from the Au Box.

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