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Oakland Brewery Cans La Croix-Inspired Ale for SF Beer Week

Temescal Brewing made “La Fizz” with grapefruit from Berkeley Bowl

Temescal Brewing

Staying hydrated during SF Beer Week, a more-than-7-day celebration of local craft beer, just got a little bit easier thanks to a new, light “pamplemousse sparkling ale.” The 3.8 percent ABV beer called “La Fizz” is based on the refreshing carbonated beverage of choice behind the scenes at Temescal Brewing — La Croix — and it’s available in cans on Tuesday, February 13th at Temescal’s taproom and beer garden in Oakland (as well as a few SF beer stores later in the week).

Beer Week is often a time when brewers release really big beers: monster stouts, triple or quadruple IPAs,” says Sam Gilbert, Temescal Brewing’s founder. See, for example, the ultimate SF beer week specialty release: Pliny the Younger, which clocks in at about 11% ABV.

Temescal Brewing

“Our philosophy as a brewery has always leaned in the other direction, towards beer that is drinkable and soft, so we thought this would be a fun bit of counter-programming,” Gilbert adds. “Sort of a ‘healthy alternative’ before you dive back into those 12% ABV barleywines.”

La Fizz isn’t quite a zero calorie beverage like La Croix — but it’s made with fresh ruby red grapefruit zest from Berkeley Bowl, and you definitely can’t say that of La Croix pamplemousse. A six-packs of 12-ounce La Fizz cans is $13.99 at the taproom, or try it on draft. Tacos Oscar will be serving food at the 4 p.m. release party, and in the coming days, La Fizz will arrive at SF bottle shops like City Beer Store and a few Healthy Spirits locations.

Temescal Brewing

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