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Recipe Whiz J. Kenji Lopez-Alt Sets Opening Timer for First Restaurant

His San Mateo biergarten arrives February 26

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Wursthall sets opening date for beer and sausages

Update, February 14: Due to some snags, Wursthall’s opening has been slightly delayed — stay tuned for updates and a look inside as it approaches.

On February 26th, J. Kenji López-Alt, Internet food science authority, cookbook author, and culinary director of Serious Eats, will open the doors to his first-ever restaurant, a San Mateo biergarten called Wursthall. The casual Californian/Austrian/German food and beer destination was devised by López-Alt with Adam Simpson and Tyson Mao, owners of nearby craft beer and wine bar Grape and Grain. The whole menu for Wursthall, which you can be sure that López-Alt recipe tested within an inch of his own sanity, is here.

Longtime SF restaurateur Hoss Zaré says goodbye

Hoss Zaré, a local restaurant owner known for his years of “Hosspitality” at The Fly Trap and now-closed Aromi, Zare, and Bistro Zare, is going home to his birthplace, Iran. Zaré started in the SF dining world as a dishwasher at The Fly Trap in 1988 and later bought and took over the restaurant, adding Persian dishes to the menu. He sold it two years ago, and is now returning to his family in Tehran — he has 6 sisters and 18 nieces and nephews there.

Deuki Hong goes for gold

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Deuki Hong, an Eater Young Gun and the SF chef behind chicken spot Sunday Bird, is at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. He was cooking Korean-style short ribs on the Today Show, and was reportedly quite chilly: “What’s better than cooking on the [Today Show] in your home country for the Olympics?” he wrote. “Doing it in the freezing cold where you can’t feel your hands and it makes you wanna cry home to your mama.“

Employees of major CA farm allege racial discrimination

16 African American employees of Salinas-based Taylor Farms filed a lawsuit against the company, which is the state’s largest producer of fresh-cut vegetables and bagged salad greens, alleging racial discrimination. Former workers say they were overlooked for promotions, called racial slurs, and generally ostracized by a mostly Latino and Spanish-speaking group of employees and supervisors.

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