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An Italian Osteria Will Land on the Embarcadero This Spring

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Pizzas, pastas, and a lively aperitivi hour are in the works

Donato Scotti and Gianluca Guglielmo at Donato & Co.
Nadia Adreini/Facebook

Almost exactly two years after Italian restaurant Caputo closed at 100 Brannan Street, Cento Osteria will open in its place. Chef Donato Scotti and parter Gianluca Guglielmi plan to open a restaurant focusing on various regions of Italian cuisine, with pizza and pasta classics like amatriciana.

Scotti says he’s still working on the concept, but he’s hoping to open a relaxed restaurant, and take advantage of the space’s large bar for aperitivi hours with small bites and wine. “Im going to step back a little, go back to the classics,” said Scotti. “I want to have nice cocktails, lots of wines by the glass. Everything is happening [in that neighborhood].”

Luckily for Scotti and his team, the restaurant space is in very good shape — Caputo closed after only six months, leaving a newly remodeled restaurant location behind. As a result, Scotti says he’s aiming to open sometime in April, though that could change.

While Scotti closed his Oakland restaurant, Desco, at the end of 2017, his other restaurants — Donato & Co. in Berkeley, and Donato Enoteca and CRU in Redwood City — are still going strong.

“We hope to create something exciting, show what we can do in the city,” said Scotti. “Hopefully San Francisco will be as successful as our other restaurants.”