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Felines Flee Oakland Cat Cafe During Break-In

The frenzy was caught on video

Cat Town Oakland/Official

Oakland’s Cat Town, a cat cafe where patrons sip drinks and play with cats who are up for adoption, has recovered all but one of its 21 cats after many fled the premises during a break-in. A vandal, or perhaps would-be cat burglar, was caught on video smashing his way through two windows late last night, scaring the cats and causing some to flee through the openings.

Cat Town Cafe, which opened in 2014 as the first cat cafe in the country, was closed today as it recovers from the break-in. Their next door cafe and cat food store, the RAWR Coffee, bar will remain open.

Patricia Chang

“All of our staff are safe,” the business wrote .”We believe all of our cats are safe, but one is missing... We strongly suspect this cat is hiding on premises, but our staff are actively searching for him outside as well. We have years of experience finding lost cats, and are confident that we can find him. We will let you know when he’s been recovered.”

Security video shows the vandal entering the cafe and the ensuing frenzy.

Cat Town is taking the opportunity “to fortify our adoption center to reduce the likelihood of our cats escaping should our windows ever be broken again.” To that end, the business is accepting donations here.

Cat Town Cafe

2869 Broadway, Oakland, CA (510) 891-1100