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HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Is Making Real Pizza Deliveries Based on Fake App Sliceline

Pizza drones are here

Matt Hartman/Twitter

In a promotion tied to last night’s Season 5 premiere of Silicon Valley on HBO, a real life company is delivering actual pizzas based on a fictional app from the episode called Sliceline. “It’s a pun,” Sliceline’s CEO says of the name, because it “rhymes with Priceline... it’s a pun that rhymes.”

Other characters are skeptical. Sliceline’s pitch is that it locates and delivers the cheapest possible pizza for its customers, but it’s really intended to mock food delivery apps, which score big investments over more exciting businesses only to waste it all on heavily discounted promotions.

Therefore it’s only fitting that the real life Sliceline would be blowing through most of its runway today, delivering free pizza to Twitter users in SF, New York, and LA who just tweet out “#Sliceline + [pizza emoji].” The Twitter pizza summons isn’t working for all users — this one included — but some lucky (?) folks are even getting their Sliceline deliveries via drone. One such recipient was Jeremey Stoppelman, CEO of SF-based Yelp. Five stars.

The promo is being run by a company called Fooji, promising “fan experiences delivered,” which is to say delivery tie-ins to shows and brands. According to co-founder Erik Zamudio, the company had about a month of lead time for this promotion, and will deliver 714 pizzas total. They’re made by different pizzerias in each city — Pizza My Heart, Patxis, and Five Star Pizza, to name a few — and they’re all delivered in the same customized boxes.