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New Restaurant BOHO Wants to Bring Bohemia to the Marina

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Opening on Steiner in April

BOHO [Official]

A new restaurant by the name of BOHO is moving in at 3321 Steiner (between Chestnut and Lombard), and partners Eileen Filmus and Andrei Busuev promise an eclectic menu and seating for 62 when they open their business sometime in April.

“The concept, BOHO, comes from the word Bohemian,” says Filmus, who has had a career in information security and studied international security and politics at the University of Chicago. “It means to not be confined by boundaries or type-cast to a single cuisine or region.”

Busuev, who has cooked at Absinthe, Cavallo Point, and 5A5 Steak Lounge, will serve as BOHO’s apparently freewheeling chef. “We’re not French, not Italian — I wouldn’t even call it fusion,” says Filmus of their forthcoming menu.

One thing the proprietors can promise about the food are herbs fresh from a garden behind the restaurant, and they’ve also got a license to serve wine and beer. After starting with dinner, BOHO will open for coffee and pastry and perhaps lunch during the day.

Construction on the space has been ongoing for about nine months and was completed three weeks ago, Filmus says. And when the dust settles and BOHO emerges, expect its garb to be “sophisticated and classic peppered with rustic, cozy touches.” You know —boho-chic.