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Fieldwork Brewing Could Lose License Over Brewer’s Alleged Road Rage Incident

The brewer/co-owner has pleaded not guilty to charges

Fieldwork Brewing brewery at night Fieldwork/Facebook

Berkeley’s Fieldwork Brewing Company, which has grown quickly to establish itself with five Bay Area taprooms, is in potential jeopardy as co-owner and head brewer Alex Tweet faces felony assault charges to which has pleaded not guilty. The Chronicle reports that the case, information about which is publicly available, concerns an alleged road rage incident last fall. And since the Alcoholic Beverage Commission can — but isn’t required to — suspend or revoke licenses to serve alcohol from convicted felons, if Tweet were convicted, the brewery’s business could be affected.

According to a court report filed by an Albany police officer, Tweet was driving near Fieldwork’s Berkeley brewery when a near collision with another vehicle occurred. From there, the report claims, Tweet followed the other car until both stopped and an argument ensued. From there, Tweet allegedly knocked the car’s passenger to the ground, punching him according to the report. More detailed allegations can be found in the Chronicle’s coverage.

Tweet pleaded not guilty to one charge of assault with force likely to produce great bodily harm, also denying a related charge. A pretrial hearing will take place in Alameda County Superior Court on April 5. Eater SF has reached out for comment and will follow the case.